Blozom is a standalone Mozilla based weblogging and note management application. It uses plain text files. Blog entries have associated XML files with post metadata. Blozom will support wiki like markup and a link glossary.

For a quick idea of what Blozom is about, visit the screenshots page. For ongoing news, visit the weblog over at

This site is the development and non-commercial use support site, hosted graciously by


Blozom is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike. This means it's free for non-commercial use. Future work will componentize aspects of the codebase, like the file system tree, for MPL licensing. Some components are already tagged as MPL, including the bookmark and history search functions.

Contributors to the project, whether by bug reporting and triage, patches, etc, will be granted commercial licenses. Commerical purchase details are forthcoming.License Full Text.