Mozilla 1.3+ is required.

Note, For Mac OS X, Mozilla 1.3.1 is required due to XPInstall fixes.

For more caveats, see the release notes.

Step 1 - Install JSLib

Install the support library JSLib (Feb 06 '03).

Step 2 - Install Blozom

Blozom has been tested on Mozilla 1.3 windows xp and debian linux. It works, but Linux users in particular should view the release notes

Install the 0.1.4 XPI

Step 3 - Set up your prefs

Save this start prefs file to [mozilla app directory]/chrome/blozom/content. Edit the file paths for your data and publish folders.

Step 4 - Create your templates

In your blozomDataPath folder you'll need a subfolder called templates with a header.txt, footer.txt, item_head.txt, and item_tail.txt. Alternatively, you can download a popular movableType template zip file with and extract it to your dataPath.

See the milestone doc for configuration wizard plans.

Step 5 - Run it

Run mozilla with the command line argument -chrome chrome://blozom/content/blozom.xul. On windows, you can download this bat file to your Mozilla folder. In addition, you may visit bookmark the url chrome://blozom/content/run.html to launch blozom from a running mozilla instance.

Installation support is available from Andy at AIM:roadandyed and in #mozdev at